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Special Packages 

We offer a unique array of monthly and quarterly maintenance packages so ensure that your home is always in tip-top shape. 


Four Seasons 

We'll come by your home quarterly to prepare for the seasons, including yard cleanups in the spring and fall, changing furnace filters twice annually, and taking care of any lingering issues you might have.


$69/month, or $749 annually ($1,200 value)

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Monthly Helper Subscription 

You'll never have to worry about a stuck door or tricky drawer again. We'll be over to your place monthly to make sure everything is in order.


$89/month or $849 annually ($1,350 value)


All-Electric Lawn Service

Sign up for weekly or bi-weekly lawn services, including edging and basic landscaping. We only use electric lawn tools, which are better for the environment and easier on your ears.


 Prices depend on the size of the property but start at just $99/month. 

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